Hydro Jetting is a high pressure stream of water that cuts and remove grease buildup and debris. It is distinct from other drain cleaning techniques because it must be performed by a professional technician and requires specialized heavy equipment.  Hydro jetting is so powerful it can even be used to cut and remove tree roots from sewer pipes.

Normal wastewater flow can be obstructed over the years by sewage sludge, grease, soap, hair, cloth fibers, rags, paper towels, and other debris. This build up accumulates on the interior walls of your sewer pipes disrupting wastewater flow causing it to drain very slowly from the system.  Eventually, it can become so thick that this can cause sewer water to flow back into your home through the nearest drain or faucet. Our Sewer Hydro Jetting system removes accumulated filth quickly and effectively.

Avoid future sewer pipe build up by scheduling a regularly sewer maintenance routine. Give us a call to get more information about our Hydro Jetting Preventive Maintenance Plans.

How our Hydro Jet works

When we use our hydro jet system, we insert a high-pressure hose-line with a special head attachment into the sewer pipe.  Water is released at a pressure of between 1,400 and 4,000 pounds per square inch.  This powerful stream of water pulverizes mostly any build up while flushing it down the sewer line and out of the walls of your sewer pipe.