In comparison to the outdated “traditional pipe repair method,” our Trenchless Pipe Repair and Replacement method avoids making great damage to your property with less environmental impact. Thanks to our Trenchless Pipe Bursting system your yard, driveway, parking lot or property doesn’t have to be compromised, destroyed, or ruined.

Our trenchless pipe bursting system replaces your sewer pipe entirely by pulling and bursting your old pipe with a new pipe by simply digging two holes without having to excavate a trench.

You can rest assured that our Trenchless Pipe Bursting methods and materials are city approved.

How our Trenchless Pipe Bursting Method works

Our system works by digging two potholes, one where the sewer exits the building and the other, either at the property line or in the street where it connects to the city mainline.  A steel cable is threaded through the old sewer pipe, meanwhile a hardened steel bursting head is attached to one end of the cable.  A new HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) pipe is then attached to the back of the bursting head, while a pull cable is set up at the other end  with a hydraulic system.

Once the hydraulic system is set up, our technician uses a remote control to “pull” the cable with the bursting head and new HDPE pipe attached down into the hole. The system then pulls the new pipe through the old pipe, breaking it while pushing the pieces of old pipe out onto the surrounding soil. These pieces of pipe create a second layer of protection for the new pipe.

Once the old pipe is broken and the new HDPE pipe gets pulled all the way to the exit hole, connections are made on both sides of the new pipe to reinstate the sewer line. To finalize the process, the new pipe and connections are  inspected and the potholes filled in.

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