In comparison to the outdated “traditional pipe repair method,” our Trenchless Pipe Repair and Replacement Method avoids making great damage to your property with less environmental impact. Thanks to our Trenchless Pipelining  system your yard, driveway, parking lot or property doesn’t have to be compromised, destroyed, or ruined.

Our Trenchless Pipelining system rehabilitates your sewer pipes by relining your existing sewer line, leaving your pipes looking brand new. This method keeps digging at a minimum by only having to dig one hole without having to excavate a trench.

You can rest assured that our Trenchless Pipelining methods and materials are city approved.

How our Trenchless Pipelining Method works

Our system was developed for small diameter sewer and plumbing pipes ranging from 2 to 8 inches.  We use a stitched polyester felt tube reinforced with fiberglass that is later filled with liquid resin to help it stick to the inside of the pipe. Using an air inversion unit, the resin impregnated felt tube is inverted into the pipe. Once in the pipe, we repeat the process using a balloon-like “bladder” which maintains the shape of the pipe by pressing the felt tube tightly against the pipe until cured.  The end result is a continuous PVC “liner” pipe with no joints, seamless from end to end.



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