• Phone: (805) 520-1745
  • Toll Free: 855-SPY-ROOTER (1-855-779-7668)
  • Phone: (805) 520-1745
  • Toll Free: 855-SPY-ROOTER
  • Fax: (805) 520-3828
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Reliable Provider of Specialized Sewer Services

Reliable Provider of Specialized Sewer Services

Areas of Expertise


Public Works

With our expertise in public works our team can repair sewer lines in infrastructures owned by the government.

Sectional Sewer Repair

You can rely on our team for partial repairs on your sewer system. We will only work on the section of the system that has been damaged to save you time and money.


Sewer Excavation

Our team can be of help if you are making major changes or repairs to your sewer system.
We will provide you with our sewer excavation services if needed.

Street Sewer Repair

We can handle repairs for street sewer lines. You can be sure that our team can repair your sewer completely with little to no complications.


Why Sewer Lines Get Clogged

Drains lead into a main sewer line that connects to a septic tank or a city sewer line outside the property line. The most common reason main sewer lines get clogged over the years is because of growing tree roots that intrude and end up breaking through the sewer line and clogging the drains. These roots break into the pipe because they constantly seek water for nutrients.

Sewer lines are easily accessible to roots through small breaks or leaks that your sewer pipe might have. Once inside the pipe, roots are able to rapidly grow due to the nutrients from the water flowing through the sewer line.

Root intrusion is usually the leading cause for having to repair or replace your sewer lines. Through our trenchless pipe lining and pipe bursting technology, we can easily fix this problem for you.